L-glutamine powder vegan, 500 g
L-glutamine powder vegan, 500 g

L-glutamine powder vegan, 500 g

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L-glutamine amino acid for power training, bodybuilding & fitness

Dosage form: Powder
Packaging dimensions: 10,5 cm x 10,5 cm x 13,5 cm
Vegan/Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian

 HIGH STRENGTH: L-glutamine with excellent bioavailability thanks to 99.9 % purity, unflavoured, manufactured by means of vegan fermentation. The semi-essential amino acid is very popular with bodybuilders and endurance athletes undergoing a lot of physical exertion. The highest concentration of glutamine can be found in muscle cells. It increases the volume of cells during physical training.

✔ EFFECT: Your glutamine requirement increases for faster and optimised regeneration during intensive training and when you are stressed. L-glutamine also supports the immune system, helps to build muscle and performs metabolic functions. Glutamine promotes the formation of protein, proteins help to increase muscle mass.

✔ 500 G OF VEGAN L-GLUTAMINE POWDER, the equivalent of 100 portions (including measuring spoon); suitable for long-term use.

✔ EXCELLENT BIOAVAILABILITY: Contains no magnesium stearate anti-adherent

✔ SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES: Free from gluten, lactose or other allergens

✔ GERMAN QUALITY PRODUCT: Produced in Germany following the HACCP concept

✔ CONTAINS NO MAGNESIUM STEARATE ANTI-ADHERENT (magnesium salts) to deliver good bioavailability. Please read up on magnesium stearate and its effects

✔ CONTAINS NO UNNECESSARY ADDITIVES: Colourants, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful substances

✔ XTRAZE PRODUCTS: Effective sports nutrition for aspiring amateur and professional sportsmen and women

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