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Almased Shake Diet with Almond Vanilla Taste, Weight Loss, Natural Shak, Natural Protein Powder, Made in Germany .

Almased Shake Diet with Almond Vanilla Taste, Weight Loss, Natural Shak, Natural Protein Powder, Made in Germany .

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Almased with Almond Vanilla Taste

Diet that aids in weight loss,

Balance your blood sugar

One of the best meal replacement products.

Made from the highest quality ingredients

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers

Increases energy and improves metabolism 

Manufactured in Germany.

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How To Use It?

A single Almased shake should include 6-8 level tablespoons blended with 10-12 oz liquid of your choice (water, soy milk, skim milk or almond milk).

However, the company recommends water. Hot liquids should not be used.

It is very recommended to add 1-2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil or Walnut Bio oil to each shake to ensure an adequate supplz of essential fatty acids 

Due to their neutral taste, you can flavor the shake with spices including cinnamon, vanilla extract, instant coffee powder, or unsweetened cocoa powder.

The company offers various recipes that recommend adding fruits. However, fruits can only be added from phase 2.

Almased meal plan involves 4 phases.

Starting Phase:
3 Almased Shakes Daily

Phase 1

You begin your Almased Weight Loss Diet Plan with the Starting Phase, also known as the Fasting Phase, during which you will have three Almased weight loss shakes per day, plus home-made vegetable broth or 100% vegetable juice (ideally low in sodium).

In addition, you should drink at least 2 Liter of (preferably mineral-rich) water per day. You can stay on this phase from three up to fourteen days. It has been shown that a good initial weight loss at the beginning of a diet is the best prerequisite for fast weight loss results.

Reduction Phase:
2 Almased Shakes, Plus 1 Meal Daily

Phase 2

This phase will lead to a healthy, steady weight reduction. You will have two Almased weight loss shakes per day and one solid meal, preferably for lunch. If it is more convenient to have your meal for dinner, you can, but be mindful of your carbohydrates. Please limit snacks in between meals and consume fruit in moderation, either as part of your breakfast shake or your lunch meal. This phase can be extended until you reach your desired weight loss goal

Stability Phase:
1 Almased Shake, and 2 Meals Daily

Phase 3

This phase will help your body maintain its new weight long-term as you continue to lose weight at a slower pace in order to avoid the yo-yo effect. For several weeks, have two meals plus one Almased weight loss shake (ideally for breakfast or dinner to see best results).


Life Phase:
3 Meals Daily and 1 Almased Shake

Phase 4

Three delicious meals plus one Almased shake (as part of your breakfast or dinner). Sustain the activity level of your metabolism after completing the three Almased weight loss phases. You will feel more motivated to be physically active, approaching your daily tasks with renewed vitality.

Almased is a diet program that aids in weight loss, increases energy and improves metabolism through a four-phase plan.

One of the best meal replacement products available. Made from the highest quality ingredients, Almased is non-GMO, gluten-free and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers

It supports a healthy and quick weight loss journey while improving general body wellness.

It is manufactured in Germany.

It is mostly used as a substitute for most meals.

Therefore, the concept is to use it as an Almased diet. It offers optimal nutrients that are not present in regular meals including enzymes and amino acids that aid digestion.

They increase metabolism and improve the body’s immune system, both which the company claims results to cell regeneration.

Almased Ingredients

Almased is made up of three natural ingredients that are fermented as one. Also, it contains minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

Here is an outline of the core ingredients in Almased.

Soy protein isolate

Soy is known to be rich in proteins, the bodybuilding nutrients that promote body muscle. Almased uses this as a key ingredient to make sure the body has nutrients to promote growth.

It also contains amino acids that are required when on this diet.

In a study involving 90 respondents, a diet high in soy protein and low fat was seen to boost the body composition in obese individuals: shedding fat but maintaining muscle mass.

High concentrations of soy contain phytoestrogens that play a significant role in diabetes and obesity. This is backed up by a 2003 study where soy protein was seen to reduce body weight, control hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperlipidemia. This was useful to both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals in controlling blood sugar and body weight.

Phytoestrogens are also known to increase estrogen levels in both women and men.

Soy also contains Isolavones that reduce the amount of iodine in the body that may affect the proper functioning of the thyroid. On the other hand, it has isoflavones that are known to hinder thyroid hormones that control body temperatures and metabolism hence damaging the thyroid.

Skim Milk Yoghurt Powder

Yoghurt is known to replenish skin and boost body immunity.

It is used in Almased for skin rejuvenation to ensure a youthful look. Additionally, it improves the defense system to ensure that an individual remains healthy throughout the program.

It has a lot of calcium and is easily digested.


Finally, honey is a major and significant ingredient known as an energy giving nutrient due to its high amounts of glycogen. It is not broken down into starch when ingested thus it can never be converted into fat.

It gives energy instantly, and Almased banks on this to ensure that your energy levels are rejuvenated.

In addition, honey encourages fermentation, enhancing increased bioavailability and smooth absorption of proteins.

It also contains fructose instead of glucose hence does not affect sugar levels in the body.

Honey aids digestion.

How Does Almased Work?

Almased works by replacing your meals with this shake, which makes the body lack calories.

The created deficiency is meant to make your body start using stored fat, resulting in a slimmer physique.

The shake is rich in proteins, and despite the starving, your muscle mass is retained.

Almased focuses on maintaining an active metabolism, which enables weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

When taken regularly, it gives results through:

  • Inhibiting fat storage.
  • Burning body fat but retaining muscle mass.
  • Triggering fat reduction.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, ghrelin, insulin, and leptin levels.

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Reviewed on 9/15/2019, By Laila
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i heared about it and bought through e-bai3

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well arrrived
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