BIOXSINE Care Serum for Hair Loss 15x10ml Made in Germany

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BIOXSINE Care Serum for Hair Loss 15x10ml Made in Germany

BIOXSINE was developed for men and women who suffer from hair loss. With the clinically tested active ingredient BIOCOMPLEX B11, hair loss can be stabilized in most cases and the hair growth of new hair can be stimulated. 

Various clinical efficacy studies in women and men with excessive hair loss confirm the effectiveness of the products (results of two studies by the independent Dermatest Institute from Münster and the renowned Pavia University in Italy).

Thanks to the active ingredient BIOCOMPLEX B11

  • Can BIOXSINE counteract the progressive hair loss
  • BIOXSINE supports the growth of new hair
  • BIOXSINE strengthens the active hair follicles
  • BIOXSINE Serum gives hair volume and resistance


The BIOXSINE serum is formulated on a plant basis and well tolerated:

  • The pH value of BIOXSINE corresponds to that of the scalp and skin
  • BIOXSINE does not contain any colors or fragrances
  • Does not stick and grease 
  • Suitable for men and women


Wash the hair with BIOXSINE shampoo. Apply the BIOXSINE serum to towel-dried hair. Start in the area of ​​the scalp where the hair loss is observed and then spread it over the entire area of ​​the scalp. Massage the serum with your fingertips in a gentle circular motion for about a minute until the skin has absorbed the serum contained in the ampoule. Do not rinse your hair. The serum can be used during the day or overnight, but should remain in the hair for at least 8 hours.

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