Vitamin B complex Vitamin B complex Vitamin B complex Vitamin B complex
Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex

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The Primal State vitamin B complex contains all B vitamins in bioactive form and with natural co-factors. With 90 capsules for 3 months, it provides the nutrients that support energy metabolism, the nerves and the immune system. For a body and mind in balance.

What makes our vitamin B complex so special?

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Combined power of all B vitamins
B vitamins only develop their full positive influence on metabolism and energy balance together. Therefore, there is a carefully coordinated interplay of all eight B vitamins in the vitamin B complex - all in just 1 vegan capsule per day.

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Bioavailability through bioactive form
In the development of Vitamin B Complex, we only used the bioactive forms of B vitamins, including important co-factors, for good absorption in the body. As a result, our Vitamin B Complex stands for premium quality that you can feel.

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Free from unnecessary additives and from natural sources
Even if it makes production more complex, we believe in the value of natural ingredients. Therefore, the use of chemical dyes or flavors has been completely avoided for our vitamin B complex.

B vitamins are considered managers of human metabolism. They support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B1), support a normal energy metabolism (vitamin B3), support the function of a normal immune system (vitamin B6) and the maintenance of normal skin, hair and mucous membranes (vitamin B2).

Vitamin B Complex from Primal State contains all B vitamins in their bioactive form. In addition, the preparation contains all important co-factors, so that the vitamins can be metabolized well and absorbed by the body. For example, 1 capsule of Vitamin B Complex provides more than the recommended daily dose of all eight B vitamin

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