Yam Sliced  the Original 100g
Yam Sliced  the Original 100g

Yam Sliced the Original 100g

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Make your Yam tea


The Original  

Buy yam: the female plant of South America

In Central and South America tea is mainly made from the yam, here with us it once played a completely different role. Thanks to the natural hormone diosgenin contained in the yam, it was once the starting material for the first birth control pills. Hildegard von Bingen already valued this root. The ingredients of this root are similar to the female estrogen. 


Make yam tea yourself

You can also brew the sliced ​​root into aromatic tea. To do this, simply boil about 20 grams of the dried yam with 750 ml of water and let the mixture simmer over a low heat for a good 20 minutes. Now only sieve the pieces and drink a cup of the tea about every day. 

Using herbs is a millennium-old wisdom. Even if studies often cannot clearly confirm what the effects of plant herbs like the yam look like. Secure a special crop of the highest quality with us and get to know the root yourself.

Ingredient: dried and cut yam
Store cool, dry and always closed
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