Double Heart Hawthorn dragees
Double Heart Hawthorn dragees

Double Heart Hawthorn dragees

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To support the cardiovascular function

Plant substances of the hawthorn leaves with flowers

To support the cardiovascular function
What is hawthorn?
Hawthorn is a proven and recognized natural medicine plant that is native to all of Europe. Since the Middle Ages it has been valued for its beneficial effects on the heart and circulation.

The cardiovascular system is challenged every day and has to do hard work. So the heart has to deliver a great pumping power every day. The full power of the “power machine” heart is required to pump 5 liters of blood into the bloodstream every minute so that the body is adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients down to the last cell. Supporting the heart can make sense, especially in times of higher stress.

Hawthorn is known for its positive effects on the heart and circulation. Doppelherz's hawthorn dragees contain 190 mg of active ingredient per dragee. The leaves and flowers of the medicinal plant are used. The secret of the healing power of hawthorn lies in the interaction of all active substances in the plant, which complement each other in their mode of action.

Heart and circulatory support can make sense, especially for people who are challenged in everyday life.

With Doppelherz hawthorn dragees you can naturally strengthen the function of the heart and circulation.

Medicinal product mandatory text:
Hawthorn dragees, coated tablets. For adults. Active ingredient: hawthorn leaves with flower powder. Field of application: Traditional herbal medicinal product used to support the cardiovascular function exclusively due to long-term use. Warning: Contains sucrose (sugar). Read the information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects. As of 11/2016

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