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Yokebe Classic  Natural Powder - Weight Loss Shake

Almased Original Set 2x Almased Natural Powder + Almased Shaker 500ml - Lose Weight Quickly


Yokebe Meal Replacement for Weight Loss The Activated Food Diet Shake (for Weight Loss, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free and Vegan, Diet Drink with Proteins) Strawberry, 500 g (12 servings)

Yokebe Classic Natural Powder - Weight Loss Shake

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Yokebe Classic Natural Powder -

Weight Loss Shake 

Losing weight easily, quickly

With many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins

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One of the TOP weight loss  - a high quality meal replacement
Less than 250 kcal per serving
With many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins

What is the Classic Powder from Yokebe and how does it work?

With Yokebe, losing weight can finally be done easily, quickly and effectively - without sacrifice, self-restriction or the dreaded yo-yo effect! With the delicious meal replacement you can reach the desired weight quickly and effectively.

Yokebe is a delicious vitality powder that can be used to create nutrient-rich shakes to reduce daily caloric intake as a meal replacement, contributing to a healthy, rapid and successful weight loss. A healthy lifestyle is also sustainably promoted by the nutrient-rich intake of fiber and trace elements.

Yokebe is characterized by the famous Yokebe triple effect, which helps the body to lose weight. The hypocaloric effect arises because the low-calorie shake is as nutritious as a full meal, due to its nutrient density, but the body resorts directly to the fat stores to fully cover the energy reserves.

The second Yokebe effect, also known as the metabolic activating effect, comes into effect through the high proportion of B vitamins contained in Yokebe (B5, B6, B12).

The high protein content in Yokebe also helps in a diet the body, which is often endangered by inadequate nutrient and calorie intake. In this case, only protein sources of high biological value are used, which are particularly rich in essential amino acids and thus are better tolerated and utilizable. This increased fat burning represents the third Yokebe effect.

These three yokebe effects come along with regular consumption of Yokebe in addition to a balanced diet. However, they are optimized through various Yokebe-created diet plans such as the Yokebe 5-Week Slim & Fit Plan, or the Fasting Diet Plan.

Since only a single Yokebe drink is as nutritious as a full meal, it not only ensures the supply of all the essential vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients according to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society, but also leads to optimal and long-lasting satiety. Thus, the body is also supplied during a diet around and ensured the well-being.

For the body to lose fat and thus reduce weight, it is important to achieve a negative energy balance. This means that fewer calories can be ingested through food than calories are burned by the body over the course of a day. Since yokebe shakes are strongly calorie-reduced, the desired negative energy balance can be achieved without sports. However, sport can speed up weight loss by having the calories burned in the energy balance. Thus, even by light sports, the positive weight-loss effect and feel-good weight can be achieved even faster.

Also in terms of taste, Yokebe has a lot to offer. Thanks to the untreated honey, the shake is not only spicy-sweet and delicious, but due to the highly active yoghurt cultures and vitamin C, it is also particularly easy to digest and lastingly good. Needless to say, Yokebe does not use chemical dyes or preservatives as well as artificial sugar additives. If you are keen on experimenting and prefer a variety of tastes, Yokebe can be prepared using other liquids and additives such as fruit substitutes instead of water to create unique drink variations. But beware - when varying and trying out, it must be kept in mind that adding more ingredients also increases the number of calories consumed and must be taken into account in diet planning.

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