KISS Acrylic modeling set
KISS Acrylic modeling set

KISS Acrylic modeling set

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Included in the set:

  • 20 natural nail tips
  • 20 white art nail tips
  • Acrylic liquid 14ml
  • 1 brush, 1 acrylic powder
  • 1 nail glue, cleaning pad
  • 1 nail file
  • 1 manicure stick

Application and use

You can apply the acrylic gel with an extension of nail tips or simply to strengthen the natural fingernails. To use with nail tips, choose the right nail sizes. Apply nail glue to the nail tips and press them onto the natural nail. Put some of the liquid in a container. Dip the brush into the liquid and then go into the powder with the brush. Form a small ball. Then put the resulting yellow ball on the nail and modulate the gel layer on the nail to create a smooth surface. Do this step as often as you want to get your desired nail reinforcement. After drying, file the nail into shape. Soak stuck-on nails in acetone-containing nail polish remover before removal.

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