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  1. N95 MASK top Quality package contains  50 pcs of N95  Masks with 5 Layers of Protection only 1.30 Eurro per mask  (Master Carton: : 18 Package = 900 pcs)

    Delivery Time From 1 to  2 Week (depends on the shipping method )


    N95 Mask Adjustable Nose Bridge
    5 Layers of Protection
    Extra Comfort Nose Pad
    Light Feel & Close Fit
    Individually Packed
    BFE : 98-99%
    Package - 50 Masks
    Individually bagged
    Master Carton: 18 Package/900

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  2. SURGICAL MASK each package contains 50 pcs with 3 Layer Filtration only 0.45 cent per mask  (Master Carton: 40 Boxes=2000 pcs)

    Delivery Time From 1 to  2 Week (depends on the shipping method )

    Adjustable Nose Bridge
    Seamless Crimping
    3 Layer Filtration
    One Size Fit Most
    Package: 50 Masks (5 small packs)

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  3. FFP3 NR MASK top Quality eachpackage contains  30 pcs  5 Layers of Protection only 1.38 EURO per mask  (Master Carton: : 30Package = 900 pcs)

    FFP3 NR BFE>=99%
    1st Layer Spunbond 50g
    2nd Layer Metblown 40g
    3rd Layer Metblown 25g
    4nd Layer Metblown 25g
    5th Layer Spunbond 30g
    900 masks 

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  4. 10x Masks of FFP2  Protective Face Mask Protect against smog, pollen, influenza virus, Corona (Pack of 10 Masks) 5 Layers of Protection FFP2 Mask   Made in UK

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    Special Price $12.29

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4 Item(s)