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Body Care Set 3 pcs.
Body Care Set 3 pcs. Body Care Set 3 pcs. Body Care Set 3 pcs. Body Care Set 3 pcs. Body Care Set 3 pcs.

Easy Free Skin- Bodycare set, 3 pcs.


The Original Hot and Cold Grain Pillow, Cotton, Nature from Germany, For Shoulders, Back, Feet or Kidneys, 50 x 20 cm

Body Care Set 3 pcs.

Item Number:2015.1.00

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Sold By : e-bai3

COLOUR White yellow
ITEM NUMBER: 2015.1.00
MATERIAL ABS, balls: polypropylene, lid: SAN, sponge: 100% polyether, sisal: 100% sisal
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Pinned 45 cm, diameter attachment: 8.9 cm
+ Turns everyday body care into a wellness
experience + Cream aid with sponge and sisal attachment
+ Even dosage - Gentle massage
+ Easy to clean - Dishwasher safe

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In stock

Delivery Time: Expected 5-8 business days



  • 1-cream help with 3 care ingredients
  • All-round care for the skin
  • With and without handle to use
  • With the long and stable grip every body region is reached
  • 3-way divisible grip makes the product easily stowable - ideal for travel
  • the protective cap prevents leakage of the cream - ideal for on the go
  • The balls are easily removable for cleaning

Sponge to clean with shower gel: 
thoroughly cleanses the skin of dirt

Sisal for removing dead skin cells: 
Peels the skin and softens it

Cremer for the care afterwards: 
Fill in the cream and off you go 
The 7-chamber system enables a fine even dosage 
17 mobile balls massage the care products gently and thoroughly


"A beautiful back can delight!" - especially when the skin looks well-groomed and healthy!

Our skin is our largest organ and has an impressive range of tasks. It protects our body against external influences, serves to regulate the heat balance, is a secretory, respiratory and sensory organ and determines our appearance substantially. Stress, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, as well as changing climatic conditions and other harmful factors, have a negative effect on our skin. They strain her. Continuous care is therefore a must. Brighten her skin again and give her what she needs!

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