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Bio-Diat China Oel Peppermint Oil, 25ml

Organic Green Tea Ginger Lemon


Stimulation Device | 1 channel

Bio-Diat China Oel Peppermint Oil, 25ml

Item Number:51705

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  • Purely herbal medicinal product without alcohol or other ingredients.
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Bio-Diat China Oel, a purely herbal medicinal product without alcohol or other ingredients. Lipids based on vegetable oils contribute to the protection of the skin.

For cramp-like complaints in the bile ducts and the stomach/bowel, by ingestion or inhalation in the event of a cold in the upper respiratory tract, for external application in case of muscle pain (myalgia) and pain in the nerves or similar (neuralgia).

The advantage of the China Oel inhaler is that China Oel can be used at any time in any place, e.g., in the office, at the theater, in the car, or on trips. The inhaler is simple and easy to handle, and can be refilled each time with 2-3 drops China Oel

Additional information

WEIGHT 140 g

China Oel


Peppermint oil


This medicine is used nasally.
Adults and children over 12 years: Pour 2-3 drops into the inner bar of the inhaler, close it and place it under one of the nostrils and breathe in alternately and deeply, capping the other nostril. It can also be used by the mouth, making aspirations by the end indicated for it in the inhaler.
Check that the inhaler is clean before use. Another form of administration is to pour 3-4 drops of the essential oil into a container with 300 ml (one cup) of hot water and inhale the vapors through the nose and mouth, the patient putting a towel over the head with eyes closed avoid irritations. It can be used 2-3 times a day, at regular intervals of time.

The administration of China-Oel to children aged 7 to 12 years will be under the doctor’s control.

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