Bepanthol® face cream intensive for very dry skin Bepanthol® face cream intensive for very dry skin
Bepanthol® face cream intensive for very dry skin

Bepanthol® face cream intensive for very dry skin

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  • For the care of very dry skin


Bepanthol® face cream intensive for very dry skin

The advantages of the Bepanthol® face cream intensive

  • suitable for very dry skin
  • improves the surface structure of the skin
  • ensures fresh, delicate and smooth facial skin
  • Supports the reconstruction of the skin
  • moves in well

Very dry skin on the face is an uncomfortable burden for those affected. It shows a high lack of moisture, which is often noticeable through feelings of tension and roughness.

The Bepanthol® Face Cream Intensive offers help here: Developed
especially for very dry skin, the rich cream provides moisture, supports the regeneration of the skin's protective barrier and prevents further loss of moisture after application.

Bepanthol® face cream intensive - help with very dry skin
People who often struggle with dry skin know it:
Countless factors attack the skin's own protective barrier and thus promote dehydration of the facial skin.

In addition to a genetic predisposition to dry skin, influences such as cold, wind, frequent washing, stress or nutrition play a role here. They particularly clog the top layer of skin, the so-called horny layer.

If this horny layer is disturbed, it can no longer properly perform its protective function:
moisture can escape more easily

The skin then becomes increasingly rough and dry, it tightens and sometimes even shows redness. This problem increases on the face because the skin is thinner there than on other parts of the body.

If nothing is countered by the loss of moisture, the facial skin dries out strongly. Then what can help: The Bepanthol® face cream intensive.

It was specially developed for very dry skin and

  • offers extensive care.
  • soothes the stressed, rough skin.
  • moisturizes.
  • reduces dryness lines.

So that the skin can store moisture as usual, the cream helps to build up and strengthen the skin's protective barrier on the face .

Pamper your dry skin with Bepanthol® face cream intensive - available in a 50 milliliter tube.

How to use the face cream: After cleaning the skin, apply Bepanthol® face cream intensively evenly to the face, neck and décolleté .

Repeated application of cream always makes sense if the skin is tight again or feels dry. You can also leave the Bepanthol® face cream intensive on overnight .

The ingredients of the Bepanthol® face cream intensive
So that very dry skin on the face is well cared for, the bepanthol® face cream intensive combines two valuable ingredients in one product:

  • dexpanthenol
  • Borage oil

They work together and complement each other in their effects :
While dexpanthenol moisturizes and supports both the skin's metabolism and the production of new skin cells, the polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids in borage oil stabilize the skin's protective barrier.

In this way, Bepanthol® Face Cream Intensively nourishes and soothes the facial skin.

Moisture is stored again - the skin feels noticeably smoother .

Benefit from this effect and order Bepanthol® skin care!

For very dry skin, Bepanthol®  face cream should be  used intensively both during the day and in the evening.

This means that the skin is intensively cared for and protected at all times.

The  Bepanthol®  face cream intensive is very rich and well suited as a night cream.


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