Source: Induchem Study A. G (2014)

By E-bai3 Team, July 12th, 2020

Millions of people around the world suffer from the problem of hair loss and thinning with all associated  psychological and aesthetic effects on many, especially women. Studies indicate  that 35% of women suffer from hair loss and thinning, while 70% of men suffer from the problem of baldness with various degrees .

There is no specific cause of hair loss problem, but there is a consensus on some factors that help increase the hair problem. In addition to the genetic factor there are other causes such as psychological, emotional and medical factors (such as cancer medications), deficiency of vitamins or excessive intake, aging and others such as skin diseases, anemia and hormonal changes all affect women hair conditions.

Even in cases where none of the above-mentioned causes are available, the use of many shampoos, dyes, hot air hairstyles, hairstyles and hair dressing supraisy substances containing chemicals may largely impact hair loss much more than other causes. 

Before talking about the possibility of treating hair loss even partially, here are below some of the preventive measuresto maintain the durability of your hair before reaching the advanced stages of hair loss and baldness:

  • Stay away from hairstyles that tighten and strain the hair especially that use hot air frequently.
  • Reduce the use of shampoos and serums that contain chemicals and replace it with herbal shampoos,  especially  those specialized in reducing hair loss and treatment. 
  • Avoid medications and supplements that accelerate  hair loss.
  • Quit smoking and avoid direct exposure to sunlight and high temperature.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet that secures the body's requirements of vitamins  and minerals.
  • Take some  supplements  and vitamins , also Vitamin C, that help hair growth in addition to  biotin  and caffeine.   
  • In certain cases, you might need to consult your physician to prescribe   some licensed medical treatments for hair loss,  which may not be useful in advanced hair loss stages.
  • Taking certain vitamins in reasonable amounts helps to strengthen healthy  hair, such as vitamin  (A),  (B),  (C) and Omega-3.

Recently, some  studies have shown that the hair follicle activation compound called "Redensyl"  activates hormones and proteins (Keratin protein and Biotin) that are connected to the hair follicle and helps regrow. There are new shampoos that contain this compound "Redensyl" and help regrow hair for Women and Men.

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