Growing Bio-Vegetables, Plants and Roses in your Garden



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Plantation in home gardens and gardening is considered to have many benefits, especially for those who love agriculture, in order to enjoy the  beauty of green nature, and to give more charming atmosphere to daily life. Plantation of vegetables in home garden will give many benefits; the agriculture produce you get is clean in terms of pesticides and chemical fertilizers residuals which have great impact on health. It also, save a lot of money and time . 


Home gardening also has other benefits, as it is considered as a useful daily exercise and enjoyment for the elderly and improves the psychology and overall health of young and old.

The most important vegetables that can be produced in the garden of the house include tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, green pepper chili and sweet, radish, carrots, lettuce, pumpkins, mint,  onions, beans, broccoli, peas, leeks, melons, watermelons, etc., in addition to a wide range of roses and green leaves.


By the way, you don't need a large land area or a large garden, if it is not available, it is possible to grow through pots or pottery or on the ground or by using used metal cans and hanging them on the walls where they give a beautiful decorational view after planting or by using wooden boxes placed on the floor.


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The method of cultivation, guidance, care and the planting season is easy, and is explained in a simplified way on the cover of the seed pack purchased through the site of e-bai3.

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