FABER-CASTELL TK 9500 Fall pencil HB 2.0 mm FABER-CASTELL TK 9500 Fall pencil HB 2.0 mm
FABER-CASTELL TK 9500 Fall pencil HB 2.0 mm

FABER-CASTELL TK 9500 Fall pencil HB 2.0 mm

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Temper: HB
Line thickness: 2.0 mm
refillable: Yes
Eraser available: No
Color housing: green

The Fallmine pencil: drawing pen for artists and technicians

If you are a friend of mechanical pencils, you will love the FABER-CASTELL case pencil (also: TK-pen). The difference lies in the mine strength. The FABER-CASTELL lead pencil has a lead thickness of 2.0 mm. 
The special feature of the unbreakable 2.0 mm lead: Due to the pencil posture, writing and drawing can be wonderfully varied in line width and brightness . If you draw or write rather flat, a broad line is created. With steeper pin attitude the line becomes thinner. 

For a relaxed posture , the FABER-CASTELL lead pencil with hexagonal shank and ergonomic grip grooves was equippedThe center of gravity lies at the tip of the pen, which simplifies accurate drawing and writing. 
The FABER-CASTELL lead pencil is equipped with a powerful collet chuck to ensure that the 2.0 mm lead is tight 
The shorter a pencil with wood sheath becomes, the worse it lies in the hand. With the FABER-CASTELL lead pencil the writing ability remains constant at any lead length . At the push of a button you loosen the collet and the refill falls out or refill the FABER-CASTELL lead pencil with the new refill. 
Refillable with TK 9071 refills in 11 degrees of hardness (6H-3B). Delivery incl. A TK 9071 Mine HB, Ø 2 mm. 

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brand Faber-Castell
Product Type TK 9500
Packaging type with quantity St.
Supplier Item no. 139400
Product Type Mechanical pencils
temper HB
Line width 2.0 mm
Quality of the mine high mine stability and breaking strength
refillable Yes
Eraser available No
suitable for Drawing pen for artists and technicians
Color housing green
Material housing plastic
Execution of the grip zone hexagon
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