Pelikan Classic D200 mechanical pencil HB 0.7 mm
Pelikan Classic D200 mechanical pencil HB 0.7 mm

Pelikan Classic D200 mechanical pencil HB 0.7 mm

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Temper: HB
Line thickness: 0.7 mm
refillable: Yes
Eraser available: Yes
Color housing: black

Elegant writing instrument of the classic series by Pelikan

A special mechanical pencil with outstanding features: the Pelikan Classic D200. Its high quality resin housing is equipped with a Hi-Polymer Mine. You can fix the valuable mechanical pencil Classic D200 with its sturdy clip on clothing, documents or in bags.

Elegant design

The interplay of the timeless, black surface and gilded details such as the decorative ring make the mechanical pencil a real gem. Pelikan emphasizes with the Classic D200 a traditional design and a unique design. 

Order the exquisite Pelikan Classic D200 right here in the online shop. We deliver the high-quality mechanical pencil quickly and reliably directly to you.

brand pelican
Product Type Classic D200
Packaging type with quantity St.
Supplier Item no. 983221
Made in germany
Product Type Mechanical pencils
temper HB
Line width 0.7 mm
Quality of the mine Hi-Polymer Mine
refillable Yes
Eraser available Yes
suitable for Write
Color housing black
Material housing precious resin
Execution of the grip zone round
particularities Gilded with high quality trim and beak clip / 23 carat
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Price €79.20
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