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Bad Heilbrunner Anti Stress Relaxing Herbs Tea

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Bad Heilbrunner Anti Stress Relaxing Herbs Tea

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  • ✓ Bad Heilbrunner Anti-Stress Tea has a calming effect effect
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The Bad Heilbrunner anti-stress tea calms in tension and nervousness.
The tea with relaxing herbs lemon balm, hops and lavender ensures inner peace and alleviates falling asleep and stress.

8 bags of 1.8 g = 14.4 g

Pharmaceutical tea for adults

Indications: Nervous states of excitement, difficulty falling asleep

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, No flavoring, No dyes, No preservatives, Vegetarian

Additional information


Bad Heilbrunner


Melissa leaves, hop cones, lavender flowers, Excipients: aniseed, fennel, rosemary leaves, liquorice root

Active substance concentration: 1 filter bag à 1.75g ​​contains as active ingredient: 0.53 g lemon balm leaves, 0.44 g hop cones, 0.44 g lavender flowers

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