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Dallmayr Premium Selection 50 x 65g Pouch Filter Bag
Dallmayr Premium Selection 50 x 65g Pouch Filter Bag Dallmayr Premium Selection 50 x 65g Pouch Filter Bag

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Dallmayr Premium Selection 50 x 65g Pouch Filter Bag

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  • Elegant roaster Coffee 
  • Top Quality  filter bag
  • 50 x 65g pouches portion coffee ground
  • Made In Germany 
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  • Elegant roaster Coffee with a full taste a carefully chosen selection of very fine Highland of coffee
  • Röstfrisch factory packed and sealed
  • The coffee flour has been packaged in filter bag, accurate portion control for use in the brewing systems
  • No need measuring or grinding, everything stays clean, dispose of is easily can be removed without leaving, and: The Coffee Taste guarantees constant
  • 50 x 65g pouches portion coffee ground


Product description

Dallmayr Premium Selection Special 50 x 65g pouch filter bags Pack Coffee
For those who love the distinctive character of the Dallmayr coffees is required, are the prevention of Dallmayr Premium Selection Pouch A Great Addition. Since it is equipped with large This coffee bags 50 x 65g allows you to in no time into one large amount of this wonderfully fine coffee. Dallmayr Premium Selection, as the name gives away and consists of a carefully chosen selection of super fine Highland Coffee. These Highland more that make the special character of the Dallmayr selection range made from. Countries Such As Ethiopia and Brazil, Papua New Neuginea and Colombia, belong to the sought after coffee growing regions and can in the manufacturing of the selection range use.
Your guests only the best
Experienced hoteliers and barrista appreciate with the Dallmayr selection roasting coffee. Ideal of course is the appearance of the design the Dallmayr Premium Selection in a handy pouch. This filter bag is filled with the carefully chosen coffee by Dallmayr and makes coffee brewing Total to be easily. The coffee bag simply screws into the filter the coffee machines in it and press a within a short time a great coffee. The Annoying cleaning of coffee machines that are normally with coffee grounds, do not, if you are practical Dallmayr Premium Selection Pouch has been. You will have them a significant time saving, that you can use for your guests. Care for your guests at the Cafe, bistro, petrol station shop and at the hotel bar all day long with Dallmayr Premium Selection.
With Dallmayr Premium Selection in business spots
If you have important business meetings, if you do not forget to impress with a great coffee. The excellent quality and the subtle flavour of Dallmayr Premium Selection will fulfill your business partner. You are guaranteed lobende Worte For This good cup of coffee. This coffee is ideal for conference hotel. The Highland Mix of Dallmayr those

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Premium of the Premium, well done

Reviewed on 5/11/2020, By Regina, Germany
amazing boys
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