BOSCH PEX 220A orbital sander BOSCH PEX 220A orbital sander
BOSCH PEX 220A orbital sander

BOSCH PEX 220A orbital sander

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Resonant circuit -Ø: 5.0 mm
Colour: green
Oscillation rate: 24,000 / min-1
Sanding pad - Ø: 125.0 mm
Power: 220W
Compact and powerful for your work!
The eccentric sander from BOSCH is ideally suited for grinding curves and polishing work . Thanks to the BOSCH-PEX principle with eccentric movement plus rotation , you get an extremely fine finish with high grinding performance and for best results also during polishing.
The PEX 220A delivers a fabulous 220 W and an idling speed of up to 24,000 / min-1. With the 125.0 mm sanding pad and Velcro fastener for quick and easy sanding change you are not only flexible but also efficient.
The simple one-hand operation with head and curved surfaces is used for fatigue-free work.

Bosch Micro Filter
System Work fast and clean with the BOSCH PEX 220A orbital sander, as the built-in vacuum sucks the dust directly into the Microfilter Box.
brand BOSCH
Product Type PEX 220A
Product Type Random Orbit Sander
Resonant circuit -Ø 5.0 mm
Grinding blade attachment velcro fastener
Dust catcher Yes
Connection dust extraction Yes
colour green
Length of power cable 4.1 m
mass 1.4 kg
width 29.0 cm
depth 18.5 cm
height 15.5 cm
stroke rate 24,000 / min-1
Sanding pad - Ø 125.0 mm
Delivery incl. Microfilter, sanding sheet Red Wood, rubber pad
power 220W
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