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Gift Packaging Supplies


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  1. tesa Mini-Distributor adhesive tape

    Item number: 13 9964
    Max. Roll width: 19.0 mm
    for max. Roll length: 10.0 m

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  2. tesa Distributor adhesive tape Easy Cut blue

    Item number: 58 4086
    Colour: blue
    Material: plastic
    for max. Roll width: 19.0 mm
    for max. Roll length: 33.0 m

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  3. 10  Pattex 10 pieces hot glue stick
    Item number: 24 5009
    Colour: transparent
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  4. Pattex Hot glue gun at home

    Item number: 24 4893
    Material housing: plastic
    operating mode: power cable
    for materials: Wood, paper, cardboard, metal, leather, textile, cork, glass, plastic

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4 Item(s)