100% Natural Mumijo Shil Ajit Mountaindrop, 25 g, (2 Month) with humic acid and Fulvin (Acid in the Altai Mountains, Mummy, MUMIO

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  • More than 85 minerals and trace elements in ionic and organic shape (stomach Sium, Calcium, Phosphorus, iron,...)
  • Numerous vitamins (a, e, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C,...)
  • For thousands of years Zentralasiatischen part of the Ayurveda and healing tool Voksm Edizin
  • Mountaindrop is 100% pure Shil Ajit gewonnen between the surrounded Height layers of untouched Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, and China.
  • The Enthaltete Fulvin Soul acid helps to mineral and nutrients to pass through the cells