SOS lip herpes patch, to promote wound healing in cold sores, discreet herpes plasters to relieve pain and itching, almost invisible and breathable, 1 x 12 patches

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  • Reduced risk of infection - the discreet cover prevents the herpes wound from becoming dirty on the lip and reduces further infection by the virus.
  • Relieves pain - The hydrocolloid technology for cold sore treatment with the principle of moist wound healing effectively relieves redness, itching and pain.
  • Long protection - The breathable, almost invisible herpes plaster patches offer up to 8 hours of protection, promote natural wound healing and prevent scabs and scab formation.
  • Easy to use - apply the cold sore patch at the first signs of itching and burning throughout the day and night until the cold sore has completely subsided.
  • Scope of delivery - SOS lip herpes patch, discreet protection and immediate help including mirror, up to 8 hours of protection per herpes patch, almost invisible and breathable, 1 x 12 patches