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RAUSCH Herbal Vital Capsules
RAUSCH Herbal Vital Capsules RAUSCH Herbal Vital Capsules

RAUSCH Herbal Vital Capsules

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Content: 30x2 piece
Provider: Rausch (Germany) GmbH
Pharmaceutical form: capsules

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RAUSCH Herbal Vital Capsules
Natural - Beauty also from the inside

The first Swiss herbal vital capsule
The Swiss herbal vital capsules contain 3 high-quality vegetable oils, 8 active plant ingredients, 12 vitamins and minerals, these are the most important building materials for beautiful hair, skin, and nails.
In addition, the DUO active principle (oil capsule in combination with herbal capsule) supports good absorption and optimal utilization in the organism - rapid bioavailability.

The oil capsule contains three high-dose vegetable oils: golden millet oil (with valuable milia in), perilla oil (Chinese lemon balm) and algae oil (life's DHA). These are of the purest quality worldwide and, as a source of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, are important building blocks for healthy cells. In addition, the oil capsule is enriched with vitamins A and E as cell protection for supple, vital skin (best aging).
The herbal capsule contains the Swiss herbal mixture and high-quality, purest green tea (OM24) as a natural radical scavenger. You would have to drink 800 ml of green tea to reach the green tea value of a single capsule. In addition, the carefully coordinated, high-dose vitamin complex and minerals support the growth of healthy, strong hair and nails.

capsules 30 x 2 capsules


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